The combination of infrastructure economics, technical knowledge and data analytics is quickly becoming a critical need for owners and investors. VICO provides economic, financial, technical and data advisory services to developers, municipalities and industrial clients with a focus on operational efficiency, development planning, utility / infrastructure strategic planning and technology.

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Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development is the combination of talented investors, engineers, contractors and operators in a project that creates economic value for clients, improves quality of life for communities and is driven by outcomes. VICO focuses on early-stage development of infrastructure projects, identifying creative approaches to mastering challenges and bringing the best-in-class people, investors, engineers, contractors and operators into a single project. Our principle philosophy about Infrastructure Development is outcome driven.

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Asset Management

Transparent management of infrastructure assets on behalf of clients and investors is critical for the long-term success of living infrastructure. Teaming with highly qualified operating companies, VICO manages operating assets leveraging technology, data, expertise and transparency for owners and investors. VICO strongly believes the future of infrastructure asset management will be dependent on data analytics, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence - this is why we are investing time and resources into technology.

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Our Mission

Combine creativity, knowledge, experience and transparency into every living infrastructure project.

About VICO

Advise - Develop - Manage

Our mission is what enables us to solve infrastructure challenges by partnering with our clients in a strategic and transparent manner. We team with talented people, best-in-class companies and smart technologies on projects that improve quality of life, enhance communities and provide attractive returns to investors. Our leadership has developed and managed over 25 infrastructure projects over the past 20 years.

Our Name

Many people ask about the name VICO. Aside from being an acronym for VICO Infrastructure Company, VICO itself is named after Vico Road in Dublin, close to where our co-founder Brian Cullen grew up. Vico Road has an amazing view of Killiney Bay and the Wicklow Mountains to the south and has long been compared with the Bay of Naples. It is this view of water and land that provides the inspiration of creating a living infrastructure company. Learn more about the history of the name VICO here.

Brian Cullen, President & CEO
Brian Cullen, President & CEO

Brian is the President & CEO of VICO Infrastructure Company, a firm specializing in the creative development and efficient management of large-scale infrastructure projects. Brian co-founded the firm in 2018 to leverage his experience, his industry relationships and innovative approaches to infrastructure developed over his 28-year career.

Prior to co-founding VICO, Brian was the President, Board member and shareholder of PERC Water Corporation for 17 years. He was instrumental in completing over 20 mid-sized water infrastructure projects valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Most notably, Brian led the Santa Paula, California public-private partnership (PPP or P3) project, the first 100% privately funded project of its kind in the US.

During Brian’s tenure as President of PERC Water, he developed and concentrated on the following pioneering water infrastructure projects:

For more information about Brian, please download his resume here.

"I got to know Brian Cullen very well during the 18 months or so I spent with a few fellow Montecito residents trying to deal with the very serious challenges we faced in assuring access to a dependable supply of water for our community. Brian spent an enormous amount of time with us both educating us on potential sources of potable water and recycling of sanitary waste as well as evaluating a variety of options. I found Brian extremely knowledgeable, straightforward, resourceful and creative. He is also a person of great integrity and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him without reservation." Fred Gluck, former Global Senior Partner of McKinsey and Co. and former Vice-Chairman of Bechtel.

"I have known Brian for over 15 years and worked alongside him on the creative Mountain House water recycling facility. Brian’s knowledge of infrastructure development, financing and operations was a large part of why we built the water recycling facility and look forward to working with Brian on future projects" Eric Bose, Director of Development, SunChase Holdings, Inc.

"Brian cares about the people involved and impacted by his projects. He sees the bigger picture, and helps his clients, coworkers, and fellow project participants to do the same. Such a perspective brings meaning and purpose to his work." MJ Townsend, former Project Analyst, PERC Water Corporation.

"I worked with Brian Cullen for over 20 years at 2 different companies. Brian's combination of expertise, hard work, common sense and integrity makes him an excellent businessman and an ideal client for an attorney. I can't recommend Brian too highly as a businessman and a person." Steven J. Dunning, Esq., retired law partner, McConnell, Dunning and Barwick, LLP.

"Brian and I have collaborated on half a dozen projects in southwestern USA over the past 20 years including the first P3 in Arizona. Brian is a creative innovator, cognitively aware of every issue, genuinely determined to find a mutual solution for all involved. Besides the results achieved, Brian makes his work his pleasure, always positive, sharing laughs, his friends are his associates." Dennis Krahn, El Dorado Holdings, Inc.

"Throughout my extensive time of service in the water industry, I've had the pleasure of working with genuinely good people of high integrity and professionalism. It has been my distinct pleasure to have worked closely with Brian on myriad strategic projects over the recent years and without a doubt, I place Brian in a special class within this water industry group. Not many individuals express the "tone at the top", in such a way as Brian; as related to what the "customer" needs .... innovation and genius are what they receive. I'm pleased to call Brian an industry colleague and friend." Floyd Wicks, President, H2Options, Inc.

"Brian has the unique ability to bring to life a detailed understanding of the financial and economic opportunities for water resource solutions. It was a pleasure to have Brian at the head of the execution team for the City of Pacific Grove’s water recycling project. As the Owner’s advisor, it was essential that I had the full commitment of the execution team. Brian spearheaded the team’s participation in scoping and contract negotiation and he worked to insure his team was fully committed to the project." James M. Brezack, President & Project Director, Brezack & Associates Planning

"Infrastructure development and water infrastructure in particular requires a unique blend of technical acumen and financial creativity to bring projects to fruition; Brian Cullen is uniquely suited to assist with the technical solutions and integrates the critical financial experience necessary to bring viable options to the table. For over a decade I have had the pleasure of working with Brian on a host of infrastructure opportunities, each with differing technical and financial constraints. With Brian in the middle of the conversation, he consistently offers a sense of purpose and inspired creativity that drives solutions to an ever-changing set of challenges." Rob Aragon, President, Aragon Solutions, Inc.

"I have worked very closely with Brian for the last seventeen years as we developed many water infrastructure projects together. Brian brings a creative blend of technical and financial expertise to projects that result in a reliable solution. Brian’s business expertise allows him to see all sides of the deal and bring forward a solution that meets the needs of all parties. I look forward to working with Brian on future projects to bring creative solutions to the water infrastructure industry." Bob Nespeca, Vice President, PERC Water Corporation

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